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How to save on food & drinks in Vegas?

Food can be very expensive in Vegas, especially at a decent restaurant on the strip. In addition, drinks at a restaurant or a bar can be pretty pricey as well, not to mention drinks at a nightclub, which can go as high as $25 dollars for a shot. Although, there are couple different ways you can save money if you don’t plan on spending a lot on food and drinks.


  1. Look for a food court
    MGM Grand Food Court Entrance, Image credit: MGM Grand

    There are lots of food court on the strip or inside a hotel. Most of the time there are different chain-stores and fast food at very affordable price.

  2. Find a convenience store

    You can probably grab some snacks, drinks, or a sandwich at a low cost.

  3. Dine at Downtown Las Vegas

    If you really want to dine at a nice restaurant you can probably go to one in Downtown Las Vegas. In general, it would probably still save you some money after you Uber back and forth, compared to going one on the strip.

  4. Use casino membership to accumulate points and use comp for food

    If you don’t plan on gambling then don’t bother with this. But if you do, remember to ask for a members reward card and for all the slot machines you play, insert them before you play. If you play at a table, hand it to the dealer when you sit down.

    These points accumulate based on how much you play, sometimes you can get a meal or two out of those points. For example, poker room at Mirage pays 2 dollars comp/hr. So if you were to play 5 hours of poker there, regardless of your winning at the table, you get 10 dollars comp that you can use toward food at the property.

  5. Go during happy hour

    If you find a restaurant you like, check if they have happy hours, and go during those times to save some money.

  6. Find restaurant deals on sites like Groupon

    Groupon is pretty useful when it comes to food coupons, check out the site and see if you can find a good deal.

  7. Eat at buffet

    Even though buffet cost around $20-25 for lunch time and sometimes $30-40 for dinner. Sometimes it is worth it since it’s all you can eat. If you were to eat a buffet and get really full, you might not even need to the next meal.

  8. Share/Split with your friends

    If you are going to eat out with a friend, ask the server how big the plate is and decide if it’s too much, you can split with your partner instead of ordering too much food and waste in the end.

  9. Check-in promotions

    Sometimes a restaurant has a check-in promotion on popular apps like Yelp or Facebook. Check them out on these apps and see if they offer anything special.

  10. Avoid using room service

    Although it feels great to just sit back and relax and wait for the food to be delivered to your room, most of the room services come at a relatively high cost. If you do want to order food, use Uber eats, it’s available in Vegas!



  1. Drink at a bar at downtown

    Image credit: Pixabay
    Drinks are relatively cheap at a bar in downtown. Also, it is where most locals go.

  2. Buy alcohol at convenience store and drink at your hotel room

    Buy a bottle of wine and drink at your room to pregame before you go to a club or somewhere.

  3. Drink while gambling

    Most of the casinos offer people that are gambling free drinks. In some cases, the server would want to see that you have at least 20 dollars on the machine that you are playing. Even if you insert 20 and only play for a penny at a time, they probably will still offer you free drinks. Just remember to tip the server a dollar or two. Oh, and remember, don’t gamble while you are drunk!

  4. Avoid drinking at fine dining restaurants or nightclubs

    Drinks at a restaurant are mostly between 8-16 dollars, while it can rise to 15-30 at a nightclub.

  5. Find drink deals on sites like Groupon

    Image credit: screenshot from Groupon
    Just like food, there are a decent amount of deals offered on Groupon.

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