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How to find cheap tickets to Las Vegas shows?

You have probably heard of this: watching a show is a must do in Vegas. However, there are so many shows with ticket price ranging from $20 to $200, how do you pick the right show or find the right deal for your party?

In this post, I will break down different ways you can get the best deal show tickets.

There two different ways to get tickets, first is to buy online in advance and pick up the ticket at the box office on or prior to show date, while the second one is to simply buy tickets in person either at a ticket booth or at the box office.


1.Buying tickets online(highly recommended)

Booking tickets online in advance not only allows you to get a good deal, but also give you the peace in mind that you are all set for the show (besides picking it up prior to show time).

There are three major retail websites that you can search to find good deals, recommended)

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Compare price and deals on different sites to find the best deal available. Sometimes you can also check on the show’s official website to see if they have a promotion going on. Different sites promote different shows from time to time so there isn’t really a go-to place that you can always find the best deal.

Here, I’ll do a simple test just to give you an idea of how comparing prices on these sites can save you money.

We’ll use one of the most popular Cirque Du Soleil show KÀ as an example.

If you went directly to the MGM official site and find seats for Category B (premium seats) for 2 for April 19 7:00 pm for example, you would find that it’s priced at 163.50.

Image credit: screenshot from MGM official site

And when you proceed to check out, there’s going to be a service fee added to a total of 354.90. (The ticket will be sent electronically by email unless you opt in to pay for extra 7 dollars to pick up the ticket at box office)

Image credit: screenshot from MGM official site

However, if we go to and look for the exact show on the same date and time, we’ll find that it’s priced at 150.20. (In fact, you can also see that there’s a deal for 4 for Category B that brings down the price per ticket to 105.36 per ticket)

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Then after their service fees, it comes to a total of 323.25, which is 31 dollars less than buying straight from the official website. ka show tickets

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As for, it is also cheaper than the official website, though slightly more expensive than in this case. ka show tickets

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Also, there are promotion codes to these online retail websites that can give you discounts on top of the current price, so make sure you search for currently available codes and insert that at check out.

I also work with these retailers to promote shows, so I will put up codes here from time to time.

If you don’t have a party of four to take advantage of that super amazing deal, it’s okay. Sometimes you can also find great deals with dinner+show package.



2. Buying tickets in person

There are different places you can buy tickets in person. You can certainly still buy at the show’s box office (most of the time you won’t get the best deal), or you can also find booth on the strip, or Tix4tonight booth that claims to offer half price show tickets.

Image credit: screenshot from tix4tongiht

Sometimes they do have good deals, or say last minute deals. However, when you do buy it in person on the show date or right before it starts, sometimes you just won’t be able to get the seat you want or the price you want.

One thing to keep in mind is that the most popular shows are in high demand most of the time, therefore, not only do they not have huge discounts, they sell out fast especially on weekends. You can kind of get an insight on how popular a show is simply by seeing the discount it’s giving. Let’s be honest, if a show is offering 75% discount, probably not that many people are going to watch it.



Overall, you should purchase tickets online beforehand to save money and give yourself a decent amount time before the show starts to pick up the tickets. However, if you are not that interested in watching a show and would considerate watching a show spontaneously, then you can stop by at those booths and take a look at what they have to offer for that night during your visit.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to drop a comment below.




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