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Best ways to save on tours (Grand Canyon or helicopter) in Las Vegas

In general, you can book a tour through concierge service at a hotel (or a booth on the strip), and you can book through a website or even a travel agent. There are a couple websites that offer a good discount on tours that you should check out before you book.

However, booking through concierge service or a travel agent probably won’t give you the best deal as it is more of a service. They provide the convenience for you and they make a decent profit off of that. If you feel more comfortable booking through a real person then by no means go with that. Although, there are a couple websites that offer good discounts on tours that you should check out before you book a tour if you wish to save some money.


Viator – This is a TripAdvisor company, so it is very trustworthy. They have a wide range of tours around the world, and they run promotions on specific tours from time to time.

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Groupon – Even though they are not a tour focused company, you can still find some good deals on their site. Overall, they offer more food and activities deals than tours.

Image credit: screenshot from Groupon offers a very wide range of selection for tours. Although their prices are somewhat standard. If they are running a seasonal promotion such as take $50 off $500 purchase, make sure you take advantage of that and use the promotion code at checkout to save.

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If you already know which tour you want, you can also check out the tour company’s official site. Sometimes they run their own promotions.

Tour price guidelines

Grand Canyon (West Rim) Regular retail price $150-220 – The main reason that most companies have a lot of west rim tours is that there are quite a decent amount of up-sells at the location such as skywalk experience(25) and helicopter+boat tour(220), and also it is much easier to operate a west rim tour since it’s only 2hrs drive one way compared to 4.5hrs drive to south rim. With discounts from websites, you should find price somewhat close to $140-160.

Grand Canyon National Park (South Rim) Regular retail price $200-230 – The scenery at the south rim is no doubt much better than the west. Although, you might feel tired being on a bus for 9 hours a day. You should be able to find a deal between $95-120.

Hoover Dam Regular retail price $60-100 – This is normally a half day or one day tour.

Helicopter tours (From Vegas to West Rim) Regular retail price $325-600 – There are many different products you can choose and from multiple helicopter companies. I personally recommend Mavericks more than others simply because of their company has established professional service.

Helicopter tours (Vegas Strip Night Tour) Regular retail price $80-120 – This is a 10-12 minutes helicopter ride that takes you for a bird-eye view of the strip at night. Really great experience and one of the most popular helicopter tours.

If you really want to save money on tours, you can join Chinese tours. They essentially take you to the same places, and most of them are selling at a very low price. For example, West Rim Chinese tours run from $95 per person, which is a price you can’t beat anywhere else.

If you need help finding the tour that fits your party, or advice on specific tour products, feel free to shoot me an email at, I will be more than happy to answer your questions. I can also assist you to book any tour at a discounted price.

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