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Best ways to get around in Las Vegas with low budget

One of the most commonly asked questions for people flying into Las Vegas is, “do I need to rent a car?”

If you are staying at a hotel on the strip, and plan on spending most of your time on the strip, then the short answer is no.

Although, if you plan on visiting Hoover dam, Grand Canyon National Park, or even just Red Rock Canyon by yourself and save money on not going with a tour, then you should rent a car in this case.

There are 4 major different ways you can get around on the strip beside walking. I’ve broken down each of them in the section below.

  1. Tram & Railway

    If you are tired of walking, get a tram that rides between hotels for free
    Trams listed below are all on the west side of the strip
    Mandalay Bay <> Luxor <> Excalibur
    Monte Carlo <> Crystals(Aria) <> Bellagio
    Mirage <> Treasure Island

    On the ease side though, there is a  railway that goes from MGM Grand all the way north to the convention center and SLS hotel.

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  2. Bus & Shuttle bus(or tour bus)

    There are two main bus lines that run on the strip, SDX and Deuce.

    Image credit: RTC

    The main difference is that Deuce runs 24 hours, and have more stops, while SDX runs from 9:00 am to midnight and fewer stops. However, they are run by the same company so you can buy a 24-hr pass and use it on either one.

    There are also other shuttle services that get you to where you want to be faster such as WAX and CX. (Click here for more express service details)

    In addition, if you want to get a tour around the strip, hop on Big Bus, they will give you a tour and take you to popular attractions. Generally, tickets are around 40 dollars.

  3. Drive around

    Rent a car

    If you plan on renting a car, check out Expedia.
    You can also rent a car from private owners on a platform called Turo (click on the link and receive 25 dollars off your first trip). Here is a screenshot of the deals that you can get on this platform, just to give you an idea.

    Image credit: screenshot from

    There are some pretty good deals and it’s pretty easy to use. Also, you will be covered by Turo’s 1 million liability insurance(click here for info), so drive with the piece of mind!


    Now parking gets a little bit tricky. In the past, all of the places used to offer free parking. Since 2016, MGM started to charge parking fees on their property and now Caesars followed MGM on parking fee. The fees are between 47-10 normally but can be waived if you are a hotel guest or a casino member.

    I would recommend that you just park at where you stay for free, or park at a casino that doesn’t charge a parking fee.(Click here to check out all the free parking garages)

  4. Uber/Lyft/Taxi(or even limo)

    If you wish to take a ride, try using either Uber or Lyft, it really does save you money. For a ride from the airport to hotel on the strip, the Taxi could charge you $20-25 plus tip, while Uber or Lyft would only charge you $15-20.

    Image credit: screenshot from Uber

    Uber- click here to claim 20 off first ride
    Lyft- click here to claim 5 off your first ride

    Also, limo rides are not as expensive as you might think they are. Click here to reserve one.

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